CN9-A Centurion

Medium Mech


Production information

Manufacturer Corean Enterprises, Jalastar Aerospace
Model CN9-A
Class Medium
Cost 3,491,500 C-bills

Technical specifications

Mass 50 tons
Chassis Corean Model K7
Armor 8.5 tons of StarGuard III
Engine Nissan 200
Speed 64.8 km/h
Jump Jets None


2xMedium Lasers


he Centurion was originally designed to compliment the Trebuchet fire support BattleMech. To allow the Centurion to perform this duty, it was equipped with a heavy and varied arsenal that allows it to strike at enemy units at a variety of ranges. The top speed of the Centurion is 64.8 km/h. While this is slower than the Trebuchet that it guards by 22 km/h, it is capable of keeping up with most fire support ’Mechs and the Centurion has made a reputation for itself as a front line combat ’Mech. In order to keep up with demand, Corean Enterprises licensed the design to Jalastar Aerospace in 3047.

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CN9-A Centurion

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