COM-2D Commando

Light Mech


Production information

Manufacturer: Coventry Defense Conglomerate

Model: COM-2D
Class: Light
Cost: 1,891,250 C-bills

Mass 25 tons

Speed 97.2 km/h


1xMedium Laser


The Commando was commissioned in 2463 to be built by Coventry Metal Works (then known as Coventry Defense Conglomerate) as the Lyran Commonwealth’s first reconnaissance BattleMech, but it is also used for close-range support due to its firepower. It carries four tons of armor, but against anything other than other light ’Mechs the difference in the amount of armor is negligible.1
It is often claimed that the Commando was designed as a competitor with both the popular Wasp and Stinger light ’Mechs, but these were in fact only developed some years later (in 2471 and 2479, respectively). The Commando is mainly in Lyran use, while the COM-2D is also produced in the Taurian Concordat and the COM-4H in the Marian Hegemony.

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COM-2D Commando

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