H-7c Warrior

Attack VTOL


Production information

Manufacturer Lockheed-CBM Corporation
Mission Fire Support
Cost 548,250 C-bills

Technical specifications

Mass 21
Armor Longanecker PlastiSteel
Engine 70 I.C.E.
Speed 162 km/h
Crew 1


1 x LRM-10
1 x SRM-4


First produced in 2950, the Warrior H-7 Attack Helicopter is a common sight across the Inner Sphere, serving as a highly mobile fire support unit. Privately designed by Lockheed-CBM as a cheaper and more easily produced substitute for Light BattleMechs in the notorious top-heavy and sluggish Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces’ Third Succession War era BattleMech regiments, the Lyran High Command originally dismissed the Warrior as a worthless “flying toy” in 2957 until the 9th Battle of Hesperus that same year damaged Defiance Industries facilities to the point the LCAF were desperate for any military hardware, placing heavy orders and ensuring continued production since.
The aircraft itself is a standard rotary wing design. The two counter-rotating rotor systems negate the need for a tail, as there is no drive torque to be canceled. Capable of speeds of 162kph, the Warrior can range across the battle field with ease, its ability to serve as a recon unit enhanced by its ability to drop 250 kilograms of remote sensors. Many Warriors are assigned to garrison units and air-mobile infantry regiments to provide quick response fire support, where tactically the VTOL is best used to engage its target at long range without being tied to the defense of a specific location. The life of the Warrior’s relatively fragile frame can be measured in seconds if drawn into close range combat with armor or ’Mechs.

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H-7c Warrior

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