STG-3R Stinger


Production information

Manufacturer: Coventry Metal Works

Model: STG-3R
Class: Light
Cost: 1,615,440 C-bills

Technical specifications

Mass: 20 tons
Chassis: Earthwerks STG
Armor: Riese-100
Engine: GM 120
Speed: 91.6 km/h
Jump Jets: Chilton 360


1x Medium Laser
2x Machine Guns


The Stinger was a light BattleMech that was built in 2479 as a direct competitor to the Wasp BattleMech. The Stinger’s various roles included reconnaissance, scouting, raiding, and functioning as a trainer ‘Mech. The Stinger’s light but varied armament, as well as its jumping capability of 180 meters, made it suitable for these various roles. As of 3025, it was estimated that there were somewhere around five thousand Stingers left in use by the various states of the Inner Sphere.

STG-3R Stinger

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